Benefits of glow in the dark dog collar

It becomes really alarming when you take your dog on twilight walks or on a busy road without any sidewalk at night and it tries to run helter-skelter, thus running either a risk of being run over by passing vehicles or scaring a passerby. Only a glow in the dark dog collar can help your pet in this scenario by making it visible. Being easily visible to the passing traffic and people on the road would ensure safety of your pet and also make it easy for people to see your furry friend and steer clear of it.

If you have been planning to get a collar for your pet, you can bring home such a collar as it offers several benefits, some of which are:

Better than reflective collars

Though many dog owners consider glow in the dark dog collars to be similar to reflective dog collars, the former is much more useful in reality. While a reflective dog collar throws back the light coming from headlights and from any other sources, a glow in the dark dog collar is visible even in pitch black night.

Easy identification

A glow in the dark dog collar can be handy to locate your dog when it gets lost. Since people can easily recall having seen such collars, they can help when you go to ask if they have seen your pet. Thus, such a collar can be a valuable tool for identifying your dog’s whereabouts, especially if it’s of a mixed breed or belongs to a breed that’s tough to describe.

Better than visible collars

Some dog collars available in the market offer battery powered visibility feature, which can stay lit as long as the battery is charged. But a glow in the dark product saves energy by absorbing the sunlight to work in the dark and stays lit for up to 10 hours.

Find your furry friend easily

Many dogs have a tendency of running here and there. If your dog is one of them, it may become quite dangerous, especially if a busy road is there in your vicinity. A glow in the dark dog collar helps you, others and passing vehicles to spot your four legged friend easily. Also, some breed of dogs dislikes wearing something around the neck and make it almost impossible for you to find the collar once it has got rid of it. With a glow in the dark collar, you can spot it easily even when your pet has lost it successfully.

Beneficial for owners and hunters

These collars empower the owners to watch their dogs from a distance when they are playing or roaming in the garden or a park in the dark. With the help of these collars, hunters can easily track their dogs and keep them in sight when hunting in the dark.

Easy maintenance

Many dog owners feel it a daunting task to maintain their dog collars. While purchasing a glow in the dark dog collar, you should look for one that can be easily washed, as and when required, without affecting the lighting functionality.

Boost style quotient

You can buy a glow in the dark dog collar that’s cute to look at and makes your pet flaunt a stylish look. Even when style and fashion aren’t important for your dog, having such collars will surely make it stand apart from the pack and grab eyeballs of curious onlookers.

So, if you want your furry friend to be safe and never get lost, bring home a glow in the dark dog collar today.

Posted in Pets by Matthew