Rowenta steamer reviews – why you must read them?

Rowenta steamer reviews can help you to choose the appropriate Rowenta steamer that would meet your needs. Rowenta is a prominent name in the field of laundry care and it has been manufacturing irons for more than 50 years. In the market, a wide variety of steamers are available in various styles and features. However, not all are worth buying and it’s often difficult to take a pick from so many makes and models. That’s where Rowenta steamer reviews can help you to make an informed decision.

Reading through Rowenta steamer reviews would let you know that despite most of these products being known for their excellent performance, a few models are better avoided due to complaints of manufacturing defects.

While going through Rowenta steamer reviews, you should concentrate on the product’s key features as mentioned below:


Many Rowenta steamers come equipped with auto steam feature that controls the steam output. Some models provide a vertical steam facility that helps you to iron hanging garments. The pump injection technology of Rowenta sprays off 30% more steam on clothes, thus resulting in a perfect, wrinkle-free ironing. Though this feature is available only with some high-end models, it’s a perfect fit for those who want their clothes to have a professional, crease-free look.

3 way smart auto off

According to most Rowenta steamer reviews, this feature is an extremely helpful one. Distractions may occur while you’re in the middle of ironing. If you set the iron upright, a steamer with this facility will turn off automatically in eight minutes. In case you leave the iron face down, the steamer will turn off automatically after thirty seconds.

Air Glide

This advanced feature helps the soleplate of your steamer to glide smoothly and effortlessly over the clothes. Rowenta steamers with this feature generally warm-up quickly and last longer.


Performance mainly depends upon two factors – the time it takes to generate steam from water and the capacity of the water tank. While looking for Rowenta steamers, try to find one with a reasonable warm-up time and adequate water tank capacity. Some high-end models have larger tanks and take a few seconds of extra warm-up time while some other models come with smaller tanks but generate steam in a comparatively shorter period. Most Rowenta steamer reviews advocate for the latter as that relieves you from refilling the tank often.


This is perhaps the most important part where Rowenta steamer reviews are likely to help you a lot. Rowenta steamer prices vary from approximately 50$ to 150$. Except for a very few models, all others are quite good in their overall performance and widely accepted. To take your pick, you should go through Rowenta steamer reviews, short-list a model within your budget and then check whether it comes equipped with the feature/s you are looking for.

Thousands of Rowenta steamer users are there, who are quite happy with the performance output of their chosen models. Finding a suitable model may seem like a difficult task at first but with lots of Rowenta steamer reviews available online, you’re sure to get the requisite information for making a wise choice.