Rollerblading is a lot of fun for women

Do you remember a simpler time when rollerskating was all the rage? Nothing was better than meeting your friends at the rink on a Friday or Saturday night to get your skate on. First, it was regular skates then the cool thing to do was to have those sweet speed skates that would allow you to blaze around the oval rink at the speed of light. Lastly, they came out with rollerblades that made you feel a bit more like you were ice skating but with great durability for outdoor use. Rollerblades for women have become very stylish since they first came out, but they certainly do give you a fantastic workout. There is something about rollerblading that makes you feel so carefree. Lace up a pair, and get to skating today you will be amazed at the results.

Rollerblading for exercise

Rollerblades, for women, have become one of the greatest ways to get a workout today. If you are looking for something you can do either indoors or out without putting a terrible amount of strain on your body, this is it. Honestly, it can be done at a lower or higher intensity simply by the way you maneuver your body and the limits you push yourself to. Because it can be done inside or out there is never a reason to worry about canceling your workout due to in climate weather. So stop the excuses and get moving!

Rollerblades are stylish

Perhaps, you are thinking there is no way rollerskates could ever be stylish. You are most likely thinking back to a time when they were those clangy metal skates that needed a key to work and if your, not you are so lucky to be young. They have certainly come a long way and rollerblades for women are definitely stylish. There are different colors to chose from and more often than not even the wheels have a pop of color added in for some fun bling. You can find rollerblades pretty much anywhere, but two great online resources are both and

Rollerblading is a blast

Seriously, rollerblading is one of the greatest sources of enjoyment for women and girls of all ages. If you are a mother, get out and have fun with your kids. Too often, we take life so seriously when we become adults that we forget to slow down and have a good time. Don’t wait for life to pass you by, get out there today and have fun. Whether you have kids or not, it will be a great benefit to the way you feel about life by increasing your endorphins and let you bust the stress.

Rollerblades for women today are quite stylish. They are a low impact way to exercise and have a fun time with friends and family. You can soak up the sun outside and get plenty of vitamin “D” or bring back great memories of your teen years by skating around the local rink. You will be able to find them at almost any price point, and soon you will have years of enjoyment. What are you waiting for? Go get yourself a pair of rollerblades and have fun.

Choosing the best cheap aggressive inline skates

Aggressive inline skating requires a pair of skates that can keep up. If you are someone who likes to hop on rails instead of taking the stairs, then the skates that you choose can make a big difference in your rollerblading experiences. Regardless of your skill level, your equipment is essential, even on the beginning levels. Aggressive skates do not have to be expensive. These pointers will help you find the best cheap aggressive inline skates.

Aggressive versus Recreational Skates

Aggressive skates are different from recreational skates. Recreational skates are good for fitness or speed skating, but trying to do aggressive tricks on them can be dangerous. Recreational skates have softer boots than aggressive skates. Aggressive skates have a hard shell that can prevent serious foot and ankle injuries in a fall. Recreational skates made for speeding often have larger wheels than aggressive skates. The frames are usually larger to accept bigger wheels. This increases stability, but decreases the maneuverability needed for aggressive skating. It is important to have the right skate for the type of skating that you like to do.

Frames and Foundations

The frame of the skate is the most important structure. Aggressive inline skates have smaller frames for maneuverability in tight spaces, but they must not scrimp on strength and structure. Aggressive skating places stresses on the skates that recreational skating does not. If you get a pair of cheap aggressive inline skates, it is possible to remove the lining and replace it with extra padding, but a weak frame cannot be fixed. A weak frame can be dangerous, so it is best to go cheap on other parts that can be upgraded, than to choose an inferior frame.

Bearings and Wheels

New wheels and fast bearings are essential for aggressive skating. Grinding wears down wheels quickly, but they are cheaply and easily replaced. Some skates have a smaller pair of middle wheels that do not touch the ground, but provide extra contact when grinding objects. Cheap aggressive inline skates might not have the most durable wheels, which means that you will have to replace them sooner than if you purchase better wheels.

A good set of bearings is essential. Bearings are rated for the amount of freedom that they provide the wheel. For aggressive skating, you need bearings with an ABEC rating of between 5-9. Bearings can lose their shape over time, so this is another item that will need to be replaced often.

Fit is the last thing that needs mentioned, a pair of skates that does not fit properly can restrict your movement, or cause the foot to slide in the skate. This is more serious in aggressive skating than in recreational skating due to the potential for injury involved. Even when purchasing cheap aggressive inline skates, the foundation is the most important. Wheels and bearings can be upgraded. Padding can be added to a pair of cheap skates, but a cheap frame is just that, a cheap frame. The focus when buying a pair of cheap aggressive inline skates should always place the foundation above parts that can be easily replaced.

Top 6 exercises to increase your vertical jump

The internet is flooded with information on how to increase vertical jump, some of which are false claims and inaccurate statements. The simple truth about vertical jumps is that it requires a whole lot of flexibility in the muscles, joints and fascia, which need to be properly coordinated and activated in a specific sequence.

Simply put, it’s not just all about developing the strength, but also about improving on your brain to muscles signaling; otherwise known as Neuromuscular Pathway. Increasing your vertical jumping skills is not as difficult as it sounds if only you can incorporate the exercises below.

1. Thrust Ups

All that is required here is to ‘stand with your feet shoulder width apart, and close your knees’. Then try jumping with your calves and bending at the ankles and when you land, try jumping again as high as possible.

2. Laundry Jumps

Here, you are required to place an object that is about 10 to 20 inches high and try to jump laterally over it as high and far as you can – back and forth over the object.

3. Burnouts

This exercise requires that you keep your feet shoulder width apart and close your knees. It also requires you to jump up and down using your toes.

4. Powers Skip

Here you have to jump and try bringing your right leg up to your chest and then do the same to the left leg.

5. Plyometric Training

This exercise is designed to train the mind and body to be disciplined, and to jump and move explosively. Hence if you want to become an explosive vertical leaping machine, try training with Plyometric exercises which includes maximum high jumps, depth jumps, one-legged jumps and squat jumps.

To learn how to increase vertical jump effectively, you must be:

Step 1: Prepared for exercise by building a substantial level of strength in the movements to be trained in. (This preconditioning is to help prevent injury due to the intense forces of plyometrics, as well as providing its own benefits).

Step 2: Warm up: This is to avoid the chances of injury as a result of cold muscles.

Step 3: Perform the exercise properly;

  1. Make sure the muscles used in the movement are not tired.
  2. Do not add any weights to your body. This will be dangerous and counterproductive.
  3. Quickly move eccentrically (against the force of the muscle) to one endpoint of the movement.
  4. Explosively, return to your previous position; in the case of squats, this would mean jumping upwards.
  5. Repeat the 2 previous steps as many as two more times.
  6. Rest for few minutes. (3-5minutes)

Repeat the entire routine up to three times per week.

6. Split Squats

Incorporating single-leg movements to enhance athleticism and reduce training imbalance is very important. The split squats and a stationary lunge are great way of achieving that. It requires that in doing this, you have to balance with a narrow base support, fire up stabilizing muscles of the hip and trunk while exercising your quads, gluts and hamstrings to perform the movement.

These exercises not only help in building lower-body strength, but also help to improve the strength in your muscles and tendons. They have been scientifically proven to increase flexibility and stability in the hips and legs which results in you having the ability to jump higher. For maximum result on how to increase vertical jump, endeavor to use thrust ups, laundry jumps, burnouts, power skip. plyometrics and split squats to create the ultimate workout plan.