Bella Bean dog collars are fashionable and practical

Dog collars are a very important accessory to your pet equipment. Some experts say that dog collars should be chosen based upon the dog and their manner of walking. Other experts say that collars should be chosen based upon the breed and if they pull when you walk them. All of these traits should be considered when you purchase Bella Bean dog collars.

Dog collars can be a very attractive part of your pets’ attire. You can be fashionable and fun once you have your puppy in the proper size and style dog collar. Bella Bean dog collars are fashion for dogs and owners love them. Dog owners can choose from “cute” to “classic” when they are shopping for their best friends.

Bella Bean Dog Collars are just plain adorable. You can choose from different sizes and colors which make the dog collar completely fun for the owner as well as the dog. Many of the Bella Bean dog collars are relatively inexpensive. Dog owners can buy new styles and fashions sized perfectly for their furry friends from Bella Bean Dog Couture.

This is just one example of the adorable collection of dog collars that Bella Bean offers. Women love these dog collars for their favorite furry friends. The workmanship on these collars is perfect for dogs.


You can special order your dogs neck and body size for which ever product you purchase. These are cute and comfortable collars which secure the puppy and do not cause problems. The sizing is the key to getting a great dog collar. If the collar is too big then fluffy will slip right out of it and run away. If the collar is too small then it could cause many dogs to suffer from health issues related to dog collars that just do not fit properly.

Veterinarians even recommend the sizing on a dog’s collar should be correct so that the puppy is comfortable and secure. The breed of dog should have a special collar to fit their body style, weight and pull when you walk them.


Bella Bean Dog Collars even offers the cutest harnesses. Harnesses are perfect for little dogs. They secure the puppy but do not choke them if they pull too hard on the harness. They are securely snug and the designs are perfect for owners who love their smaller breeds in cute and cuddly collars and harnesses.

Practical for Growing Puppy

Make sure your puppy has room to grow if you are purchasing dog accessories for the first time. Puppies grow so fast and they need plenty of growing room as they grow. Snug and secure dog collars and harnesses are the way to purchase for growing puppies with plenty of leeway.

You may even need to completely buy a new dog collar when your puppy reaches adult stages. Purchasing is the best part with Bella bean Dog Collars and Harnesses. They are so cute and there are so many brilliant designs to choose from for puppies or adult dogs.

Doggy fashion is debatable amongst dog owners. However, most agree that Bella Bean Dog collars are an excellent buy for the sheer choice of designs and styles available.

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Hands-free dog leashes: the 3 best on the market

For those who lead an active lifestyle, owning a dog just seems like a natural fit. The only issue is that most leashes just are not good for this purpose. It is for this reason that hands-free dog leashes for runners are often the best choice for those who love hiking, biking, walking, and other outdoor activities.

When you own a hands-free dog leash, you no longer have to worry about keeping your dog close. Also known as the buddy system, these dog leashes are perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle and usually pair well with a dog running harness.

Do you love going running with your dog? Pet experts recommend that owners that love visiting dog parks use a reliable, hands-free dog leash for security, safety, and convenience. Interested in buying a hands-free dog leash but have no idea where to begin? Never fear, in this review, we will be providing reviews of three of the best hands-free dog leashes on the market.

1. Ruffwear Flat Out Leash for Pets

The famous dog company Ruffwear is one of the best manufacturers of dog suppliers out there. No matter if you love to run, hike, or go walking the 6 foot Ruffwear flat out leash is a great choice, mainly due to its sturdy design. Additional benefits include:

  • Great looking design
  • Excellent for large dogs

2. Mighty Paw Hands-Free Dog Leash

Although the Mighty Paw company isn’t as well known as the one mentioned above, is still worthy of being on this list. Their leashes are designed with the maximum comfort of both dogs and owners in mind, which means you are ensured maximum comfort as well as optimal experiences in quality bonding.

This leash is made from high-quality materials as well as reflective thread and water resistant nylon sewn around the waist belt and the bungee for easy visibility at night. Additional benefits include:

  • Premium design
  • Waterproof
  • Recommended by physical therapists

3. Prosper Pets Hands-Free Dog Leash with Shock Absorption

For your convenience, this hands-free dog leash is available in two different sizes, the standard 3-foot leash and longer 4-foot leash, of course for varying prices.

This particular leash has a shock absorption feature and comes with an extendable Bungie leash, which brings this already great collar to an optimal 56 inches. It is made from durable materials and designed for all types of weather conditions. It also comes with reflective stitching that helps to enhance visibility — a perfect feature those who love to go running early in the morning or late at night with their furry friends. Other benefits include:

  • Comes with money back guarantee
  • Fan favorite on Amazon

As you can see a hands-free dog leash for runners is perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle because of the many benefits that they provide. No longer will you have to worry about ruining your rhythm due to leashes that get in they way, making for a much more enjoyable pastime. This type of leash is truly a great investment.

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Finding the toughest dog leash for your dog

Dogs are loved like they are a part of the family. They come in all shapes and sizes, and we want to take care of them in the best way possible. Part of that care is in making sure that they don’t break their leash.

A leash is really a form of protection, but it won’t protect your dog if he manages to chew it off or break it off. This is a particular problem with large dogs. Large dogs can be very active, running back and forth when you want them to heal. If they manage to break their leash while you are walking them, they can endanger themselves or others. They may also run away from you and get lost.

Some dogs are more friendly to their owners than they are to strangers. If they get off their leash, they may bite. This is especially true if you have a dog with a nervous disposition. Little children are the ones most frequently bitten. According to the CDC, at least half of children under the age of 12 have been bitten by a dog. Some states have dog bite laws that allow a bite victim to sue.

These are all great reasons to be sure your favorite pet has an indestructible dog leash. A strong dog leash will in no way harm your pet. It will only keep him from getting harmed by restraining him when he needs to be restrained.

What To Do If Your Dog Chews His Leash

Some dogs bite or chew on their leash. Dogs do this for any number of reasons. Your dog may only be playing. It takes some time for a dog to get used to wearing a leash. He may even think it’s a new kind of dog toy.

Other dogs chew their leash because they are trying to work out their aggression. Chewing on the leash may be a nervous habit that needs to be re-trained.

Whatever the reason that your dog bites or chews his leash, it’s a problem for you. You may have to keep replacing dog leashes, and there’s always the chance that he’ll bite through the leash one day when you’re not around. If your dog chews his leash regularly, you may want to take him to a professional dog trainer for obedience training. In the meantime, it’s a good idea to get him an indestructible dog leash that he cannot chew apart.

What Makes A Strong Leash Indestructible?

Ordinary dog leashes are made from many kinds of materials, including leather, nylon, plastic, rope, and others. A lot of dog leashes are made to be attractive-looking, but they aren’t really very strong.

Indestructible dog leashes are created so that they can’t be destroyed, broken, or chewed off. Some are made from steel chain with a metal clip that connects them to the dog’s collar. Others are made from steel cable coated with nylon.

You can also find strong leashes made from double-ply nylon webbing. The nylon is interwoven with steel braid. This is a popular style because it looks like a normal leash and can be purchased in many rainbow colors.

If your dog likes to chew or pull at his leash, it makes sense to have the strongest leash possible. Buy him an indestructible dog leash and save yourself some future worry.

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Benefits of glow in the dark dog collar

It becomes really alarming when you take your dog on twilight walks or on a busy road without any sidewalk at night and it tries to run helter-skelter, thus running either a risk of being run over by passing vehicles or scaring a passerby. Only a glow in the dark dog collar can help your pet in this scenario by making it visible. Being easily visible to the passing traffic and people on the road would ensure safety of your pet and also make it easy for people to see your furry friend and steer clear of it.

If you have been planning to get a collar for your pet, you can bring home such a collar as it offers several benefits, some of which are:

Better than reflective collars

Though many dog owners consider glow in the dark dog collars to be similar to reflective dog collars, the former is much more useful in reality. While a reflective dog collar throws back the light coming from headlights and from any other sources, a glow in the dark dog collar is visible even in pitch black night.

Easy identification

A glow in the dark dog collar can be handy to locate your dog when it gets lost. Since people can easily recall having seen such collars, they can help when you go to ask if they have seen your pet. Thus, such a collar can be a valuable tool for identifying your dog’s whereabouts, especially if it’s of a mixed breed or belongs to a breed that’s tough to describe.

Better than visible collars

Some dog collars available in the market offer battery powered visibility feature, which can stay lit as long as the battery is charged. But a glow in the dark product saves energy by absorbing the sunlight to work in the dark and stays lit for up to 10 hours.

Find your furry friend easily

Many dogs have a tendency of running here and there. If your dog is one of them, it may become quite dangerous, especially if a busy road is there in your vicinity. A glow in the dark dog collar helps you, others and passing vehicles to spot your four legged friend easily. Also, some breed of dogs dislikes wearing something around the neck and make it almost impossible for you to find the collar once it has got rid of it. With a glow in the dark collar, you can spot it easily even when your pet has lost it successfully.

Beneficial for owners and hunters

These collars empower the owners to watch their dogs from a distance when they are playing or roaming in the garden or a park in the dark. With the help of these collars, hunters can easily track their dogs and keep them in sight when hunting in the dark.

Easy maintenance

Many dog owners feel it a daunting task to maintain their dog collars. While purchasing a glow in the dark dog collar, you should look for one that can be easily washed, as and when required, without affecting the lighting functionality.

Boost style quotient

You can buy a glow in the dark dog collar that’s cute to look at and makes your pet flaunt a stylish look. Even when style and fashion aren’t important for your dog, having such collars will surely make it stand apart from the pack and grab eyeballs of curious onlookers.

So, if you want your furry friend to be safe and never get lost, bring home a glow in the dark dog collar today.

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