Psychological effects of smartphone addiction

Smartphones are very essential because of the benefits that come with them.

Today, we call make video calls, send live messages and do our work online without much straining thanks to the introduction of smartphones into the market.

Manufacturers on the other hand continue to spoil us with different models and specifications that come with their smartphone products.

Due to this trend, some people are becoming slaves and smartphone addicts.

They cannot go a day without them and they have already caused them more pain including losing them jobs and breaking their relationships with their loved ones.

In this article, we focus on the main psychological effects that come with smartphone addiction.

Though many people live in denial, smartphone addiction problems are real and they can cause dangerous psychological problems.

These include:

Sleep disturbances

If you thought drug addiction was the only cause of sleep disturbances, well you are wrong.

Study shows that smartphone addiction can lead to sleep disorders due to fatigue caused by extensive use of your gadgets.

In addition to that, you risk suffering from insomnia if you develop the habit of using your smartphone while in bed.

The bright light emitted from the gadgets may cause lack of proper sleep and increase the amount of time needed for you to fall asleep.

May cause depression

Especially amongst the youth or people who bought their smartphone recently, the gadgets can cause high levels of depression.

For instance, if they are in a situation where they cannot use their gadgets because of say low internet connectivity, they can suffer from high depression levels.

In addition to that, we have heard of cases where people hanged themselves because their smartphones were stolen.

May cause relationship problems

Most are the relationships that have ended because of the inability of the partners to control their smartphone usage.

They spend so much time on their gadgets to the extent that they may be emotionally unavailable to their partners thereby causing breakups.

Some of the features that come with the gadgets are also a cause of argument between the partners especially if one of the partners tends to overuse them.

May cause anxiety

Studies show that college students who overuse their smartphones are likely to suffer from anxiety during downtime.

As a result, the students might have psychological problems that may lead to their academic failure thereby beating the logic of why they went to school in the first place.

If you spend the better part of the day on your phone, you have lost your job because of smartphone usage, you sleep with your gadget under the pillow or you stay up at night to use your gadget, either you are on the path to addiction or you are already there.

Yes, we agree that smartphones are beneficial because of how they simplify our work.

However, overusing them can make you a smartphone addict something that can cause major psychological effects.

In that case, it is important to restrict yourself at all times.